A critical analysis of Computational Thinking (Whakaaro Hangarau), Computer Science (Mātai Rorohiko) and Computer Programming (Papatonotanga) Digital Technology (Hangarau Matihiko) in New Zealand schools.

A dissertation by Marc Williams for the degree of Master of Education, University of Auckland  2022


Abstract and Acknowledgement


Table of contents


Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 General Introduction 

1.2 Definitions of Computational Thinking, Computer Science and Programming  

1.3 Rationale for this study 

1.4 Gaps in the literature

1.5 Purpose and significance of this study

1.6 Research Question 

1.7 Dissertation outline 


Chapter 2 Computational Thinking, Computer Science, Computer Programming

2.1 Computational Thinking                                                                                            

2.2 Computer Science                                                                       

2.3 Computer Programming and Coding                      


Chapter 3 Computational Thinking in Education

3.1 Computational Thinking in international education                                                 

3.2  Computational Thinking in New Zealand education 


Chapter 4 Digital Technology in New Zealand Education

4.1 A history of computing in New Zealand education                                                                                       

4.2 The Digital Technologies | Hangarau Matihiko curriculum 

4.3   Māori and Pasifika students                                                                                  


Chapter 5 Teaching Computational Thinking and Computer Science

5.1 Challenges and Opportunities 

5.2 Strategies                                                                       

5.3 Teachers Professional Development                                                                                             


Chapter 6 Methodology

6.1 Rationale for analysis 

6.2 Search process 

6.3 Inclusion and exclusion criteria 

6.4 Scope and limitations of this study 


Chapter 7 Conclusions and Future Research

7.1   Conclusions

7.2   Recommendations for future research